Innovation for Green XCMG

October 24, 2022

As the world looks for a greener, cleaner construction industry, XCMG is delivering solutions that reduce carbon emissions across the whole industry chain and total life cycle.

XCMG has a strategic goal to be a world-class and trustworthy enterprise that creates unique values for the world. One of the keys to achieving this is exploring engineering technology that provides solutions for sustainable development to a global construction industry. Using their four major research and development centres in China, US, Germany and Brazil, the group has identified 8 key areas to implement their carbon neutrality plan.


Digital development is driving a new modes of global and collaborative R&D. This includes the use of 3D printing technology during development. It allows for the highly accurate designs of electro-mechanical systems, hydraulic systems and complete machines which then support the efforts of the R&D centres to reduce raw materials by using lightweight design and remanufacturing technology. This includes the use of new technologies such as laser cladding and supersonic plasma spraying for material recovery and remanufacturing of core components.


To reduce pollutants, including PFOA, PFOS and PFAS, manufacturers are developing more environmentally friendly, coating-free materials for the production of construction machinery.


Widely used throughout XCMG factories, solar power generation and road lights are providing environmental and financial benefits in reduced energy consumption. Across nine factories using solar power systems, the annual reduction in coal consumption is 11,567.8 tons.


During the pandemic, to increase efficiency and reduce costs and emissions, the group used a China-Europe chartered train to transport machinery to central Asia. Other initiatives include automated guided vehicle (AGV) trolleys and chain conveyor systems.


XCMG is primed to become a world leader in the use of integrated information technology and industrialisation. The new generation of information technology with accelerate the transformation of intelligent and green manufacturing. This includes:
  • The world’s first intelligent manufacturing line of mobile crane turntables which sees productivity double as automatic welding rates increased to 90%
  • An intelligent manufacturing factory for hydraulics where the pilot demonstration saw productivity efficiency increase by 32.5% and energy consumption reduced by 22.2%.


As early as 2013, XCMG were researching and developing new energy projects. They were the first in China to launch a natural gas-powered truck crane, motor grader, loader and hybrid excavators. The energy savings equate to over 25% compared to diesel powered products.

The development and release of electrified products continues, including earth-moving machinery, tunnelling and underground machinery, concrete, mining, piling and trenchless machinery, highway trucks and core parts and components like electric motors and controllers.
Other products include:

  • A fleet of driverless road machinery used to build an expressway
  • Larger battery autonomous trucks, with and without trolley assist, are still in development
  • Battery driven 70tonne mining trucks and GR3505 motor graders.


Currently in China, there is a gold mine that is utilising XCMG’s first autonomous truck fleet, consisting of:

  • 3 x 120tonne trucks
  • 1 x 90tonne excavator
  • 1 x wheel loader
  • 1 x service truck

The intelligent operating system works across four levels: Driving assistance, remote control, semi-automatic control and autonomous. Using 5G technology real time data is accessible via vehicles, GPS, roads and persons.

Developing a green industry for a better world

With the use of technology and collaboration to drive innovation, XCMG will continue to be at the forefront of new green and sustainable developments that enhance the construction machinery industry.