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Item Unit XG0607DC
Load capacity kg 240
Load capacity of extended platform kg 100
Max.Occupant Capacity 2
Max.Working height m 5.6
Max.Platform height m 3.6
Overall length(no ladder) mm 1440(1290)
Overall width mm 760
Overall height(platform folded) mm 2020(1660)
Working platform dimension(Length x Width) mm 1290×700
Length of extension platform mm 600
Min.ground clearance(pit protector rising/descending) mm 65/15
Wheel base mm 1030
Min.turning radius(inner/outer wheel) m 0.4/1.55
Lifting motor kW 0.45
Lifting motor kW 1.3
Max.Traveling speed at low level km/h 4
Max.Traveling speed at high level km/h 0.5
Lifting/Descending duration of platform s 27-37/23-33
Max.gradeability % 25
Tilt warning angle (side/front and rear) ° 1.5/3
Battery v/Ah 2×12/85
Charger v/A 24/15
Tire specification 254×76
Total machine weight kg 915



The XG0607DC scissor aerial work platform is a new type of aerial work platform developed and produced by XCMG Group. The maximum platform height is 3.6m, the vehicle width is 0.76m, the rated load is 230kg, the platform extension length is 0.6m, and the Max. gradeability is 25%; The machine has compact structure, advanced performance and complete safety protection. It is a special model tailored for construction users. It is pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly, stable in lifting, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. It can be widely used in workshops, warehouses, Various industries, such as airports and stations, are especially suitable for small working environments.


  • 采用高效节能的电力驱动系统,零排放、低噪音,配置无痕轮胎在办公楼、医院、学校等封闭环境易能环保便捷施工,对环境影响降到最低。
  • 采用坑洞保护机构等主动安全保护机构,配置自主设计的安全控制系统,以人性化的设计思路、完善的安全防护,丰富的选配组合,充分满足客户对于安全、可靠、智能等多重需求。
  • 结构采用窄型设计,整车可轻松通过单门道,配合可折叠围栏,运输移位更方便。
  • 独特的“零内转弯半径”设计,在狭窄空间能灵活运用。
  • 实现最大载重230kg,达到业内领先水平
  • 最大行驶速度0km/h,具有25%的爬坡能力,驾驶操作更轻松。


Product performance advantages and characteristics

  • The use of high-efficiency and energy-saving electric drive system, zero emission, low noise, and non-marking tires are easy to be environmentally friendly and convenient for construction in closed environments such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc., to minimize environmental impact.
  • The use of active safety protection mechanisms such as pothole protection mechanisms, equipped with self-designed safety control systems, humanized design ideas, complete safety protection, and a wealth of optional combinations to fully meet the multiple needs of customers for safety, reliability, and intelligence .
  • The structure adopts a narrow design, the whole vehicle can easily pass through a single doorway, and it is equipped with a foldable fence for more convenient transportation and movement.
  • The unique “zero turning radius” design can be used flexibly in narrow spaces.
  • Achieve a maximum load of 230kg, reaching the leading level in the industry
  • The maximum driving speed is 4.0km/h, with 25% gradeability, and driving operation is easier.