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As major machine for shaping and leveling operation in earthwork engineering, motor grader is widely used for large ground (such as road and airport) and leveling operation of stable layer. With the constant expansion of its functions and development of its high-efficiency over the years, motor grader is applied to bulldozing and spreading of open-pit and roadbed mixture as well trimming of original landform. Besides, it can be applied to snow removing in cold region. Featuring 260HP power, strong strength of machine components and sufficient driving force, GR2605 is a heavy-duty motor grader research and developed especially for high-load working condition.

Performance parameters

Manufacturer Cummins
Engine Model QSL8.9
Rated power/speed kW/rpm 194/2200
Forward velocity km/h 4.9/8/11/17.9/24.7/40.2
Reverse speed km/h 4.9/11/24.7
Tractive effort f=0.75 kN ≥99
Minimum turning radius m 7.6
Length X chord height mm 3965*610
Overall dimension (standard) mm 9448*2625*3472
Total weight (standard) kg 19000