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  1. Classic mining truck assemblies, like big horse engine, auto gearbox and big-tonnage customized axles, make it possible to match large-tonnage classic mining trucks.
  2. The frame has box-shaped structural stringer and anti-torsional beam, and high-strength low-alloy casts are welded in high-load bearing zones, ensuring a 60000 hours service life and a lightweight body.
  3. Candle type hydro-pneumatic front suspension has a simple structure and reliable performances; balanced type hydro-pneumatic middle-rear suspension can real time split load onto middle-rear axles and increase axle load-carrying capacity.
  4. Auto gearbox that has a retarder and wet disc brake that has parking function altogether increase the braking force on slope when under fully laden conditions, which leads to increased vehicle speed and productivity.
  5. Breakaway type full hydraulic power steering offers optimum steering geometry, extends tires life span, and emergency steering meets both ISO 5010 standard and 120% rated load requirement.
  6.  A series of classic structures like FOPS & ROPS cab, front boarding system and lengthened bumper build up driver’s safety border, and when the truck gets into a rear-front collision, the driver’s safety is still secured.

Performance parameters

Fully laden total mass: 145000kg
Loading capacity: 91000kg
Curb weight: 54000kg
Engine power: 588kW/1900rpm
Engine torque: 3200Nm/1200~1500rpm
Max. speed: 40km/h
Grade ability: 26%
Turning radius: 12m
Min. ground clearance: 520mm
Loading height: 3890mm
Wagon volume: Flat loading – 40m³
2:1 Heaped loading – 52m³