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  1. It carries an imported genuine electronic control diesel engine, single-stage turbo charging, which is fuel economic and powerful; engine monitoring system can continuously detect cylinders working conditions, which can help prolong engine service life and reduce cost of use.
  2. Imported alternating current drive system is adopted for the truck, makings it safe and reliable, lowering failure rate and reducing maintenance cost; and this system can realize constant power control and stepless speed regulation, offers strong traction and ensures maximized productivity.
  3. The truck has a box-section design and is made of high-quality alloy steel plates, which gives it anti-fatigue strength, low-temperature impact resistance and good welding performances. Crucial stress-bearing positions are made of steel casts, which extend the service life.
  4. Wagon is welded by high-strength anti-wear plate and low-alloy high-strength quenched and tempered steel, which ensures a long service life; a lightweight design can largely reduce wagon weight, improve transportation efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
  5. ROPS & FOPS that meet ISO standards are installed for driver’s cab, and its ergonomic design enlarges interior space and broadens field of view range; high-backrest seats with lumbar support secure driver’s working safety and increases comfort level of driving experience.

Performance parameters

Vehicle total mass: 395000kg
Loading capacity: 23000kg
Curb weight: 165000kg
Engine rated power: 1865kW
Engine max. torque: 10960Nm
Max. speed: 64km/h
Max. grade ability: 17%
Min. turning diameter: 28.4m
Wagon volume: Flat loading 118m³
2:1 Heaped loading 148m³