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  1. It carries a high horsepower engine imported from America that meets TIER 3 emission standard. It is featured in strong power, low noise, low oil consumption and low emission and can satisfy the requirements of diversified operation modes. The engine is integrated with a high pressure fuel injection system, by controlling fuel supply actuator and timing actuator, ECM can achieve pure electric control of the full fuel injection process, precisely control injection amount and time of injection, reduce fuel consumption and increase engine efficiency;
  2. Crucial hydraulic components and elements are optimal configuration: the main valve has a larger diameter and a higher pressure, slewing reducer has an integrated output mechanism and walking reducer has a larger size; with these optimized components, XE950D excavator gains greater hydraulic power, stronger slewing and walking power and becomes more adaptable to harsh mining working conditions.
  3. The traveling mechanism adopted in chassis has reinforced the bearing capacity of not only stringer and H frame, but also caterpillar track and track roller, largely increases chassis carrying capacity. The working device has adopted a box-structured lightweight design, whose crucial positions are made of solid forging, greatly reducing welding stress concentration and defects. Stress analysis and fatigue life test help guarantee enough strength and rigidness for structural parts, making it satisfy heavy duty excavation and mining requirements.
  4. Engine air intake system has a swirl flow pipe type pre-filter and its exhaust system adopts a new technology that can automatically remove dust from the pre-filter, the separation effect can reach 90%, which greatly prolongs air filter service life and lowers maintenance cost of filter elements.
    A discharge gas ejection dust emission device is added to engine air intake system, which helps air filter realize automatic dust removal function, clean dust deposition, increase filter element service life and reduce maintenance cost for users.
  5. Lubrication system is a single-line type electric concentration system that has a precise lubrication interval, injecting an accurate amount of grease for all lubrication points, which not only avoids omission of lubrication points by human workers but also mitigates intensity of labor.

Performance parameters

Operating weight: 93000kg
Engine rated power: 522kW/2000rpm
Bucket capacity: 4.6m³-7m³
Bucket rod digging force: 370kN
Bucket digging force: 453kN
Walking speed: 2.8/-4.0km/h
Slewing speed: 6.4r/min
Max. digging radius: 12660mm
Max. dumping height: 7990mm