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  1. XE750D mining hydraulic excavator, as XCMG’s new generation of product, has a reinforced front working device with a rock bucket which has a larger volume;
  2. It has adopted the FFTC pilot diesel injection technology, allowing the engine to output power according to actual needs, precisely matching engine and hydraulic system, utilizing engine power to its extreme. Matching degree of engine and hydraulic system rises to above 95%, engine stall has been improved by 30%, and the time engine takes to resume its previous speed has been reduced by 25%, all leading up to faster operating speed, higher working efficiency and lower energy saving;
  3. The semi-electric control positive flow hydraulic system adopted for this excavator can automatically coordinate each movement of the working device according to diversified working modes and different operating habits of operators;
  4. The intelligent anti-blowing cooling system driven by hydraulic motor can automatically clean the surface of the cooler, not only protecting the cooling system but also reducing intensity of labor.
  5. It has a super long maintenance period and has one time outperformed the maintenance interval of the product of last generation.

Performance parameters

Operating weight: 75000kg
Engine power: 403kW/2100rpm
Bucket capacity: 3.8m³-5.3m³
Bucket rod digging force: 332kN
Bucket digging force: 390kN
Walking speed: 4.1/2.8km/h
Slewing speed: 7r/min
Max. digging radius: 11690mm
Max. dumping height: 7600mm