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  1. It carries an original engine imported from America that meets TIER 3 emission standard. It is featured in strong power, low noise, low oil consumption and low emission and can satisfy the requirements of diversified operation modes. The engine is integrated with a high pressure fuel injection system, by controlling fuel supply actuator and timing actuator, ECM can achieve pure electric control of the full fuel injection process, precisely control injection amount and time of injection, reduce fuel consumption and increase engine efficiency.
  2. Imported original hydraulic components and technologically advanced negative flow control system have not only extended service life of the entire vehicle but also improved its working efficiency; the new type main valve has a series of regenerative, convergent and prioritized functions that reduce energy consumption requirements; hydraulic oil cooling system has an independent cooling system, which can automatically control fan rotating speed according to oil temperature, reduce energy consumption and lower noises; what’s more, the fan can reversely rotate, and is convenient for the dust to be wiped off from the cooler.
  3. It has a three-level fuel filtration system (one level of coarse filtration and two levels of fine filtration) that can effectively screen impurities out of fuel and guarantee long term, high load and continuous reliable engine operation under harsh working conditions. It has adopted a visible oil-water separator of the latest technology, with which, when to replace filter element can be determined from fuel level. During the full service life of filter element, oil intake resistance remains unchanged, which lowers the cost of filter element and reduces maintenance cost for customers.
  4. The combination of oil bath type air filter + radial sealing type air filter system not only reduces maintenance cost, but also increases filtration rate to 99.99%, adaptable to dusty and damp working conditions.
  5. The electric control system, which has a good performance and a reliable quality, realizes the perfect matching of power and hydraulic system, makes the best of engine power and guarantees quick and high efficient working operation.

Performance parameters

Operating weight: 69000kg
Engine power: 336kW/1800rpm
Bucket capacity: 2.4m³-4.6m³
Bucket rod digging force: 300kN
Bucket digging force: 363kN
Walking speed: 4.2/3.0km/h
Slewing speed: 7r/min
Max. digging radius: 11580mm
Max. dumping height: 7370mm