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  1. Highly efficient and dependable control system: the control system which is based on double power units satisfies synchro coupling requirement of dual power system, achieves optimum usage of excavator power, guarantees coordination of single and combined movements and fulfills the optimum exertion of engine and main pump power specific to a different operating mode; intelligent monitoring system and fault self-analysis system can real time monitor operating state of the excavator.
  2. Advanced energy conserving technology: external valve flow regenerative system is adopted to collect the energy produced by boom lowering movement and bucket rod retraction and then apply the collected energy to other executing elements; closed type slewing system is used to collect slewing brake energy.
  3. Reliable safety technologies: multiple cameras are installed in order to capture images of the surroundings and these images will be put together and displayed as a 360° panoramic image before the operator, which will improve operating safety; dual-axis level pitch sensor can real time monitor machine’s angle relative to horizontal level and this can help the operator avoid dangerous operations.
  4. Highly reliable and durable: major structural parts are box-shape designs whose critical positions are made of high strength materials, accompanied by dynamics and finite element optimization design, high fatigue resistance and long service life are guaranteed.
  5. Quick and convenient maintenance: electric lubrication system realizes pivoting points centralization and lubrication; centralized injection system can refill all types of oils and greases, like hydraulic oil, slewing gear oil and transfer case oil.
  6. Highly comfortable working environment: the cab is equipped with a pure electric large power air conditioning system; the multi-point supporting shock absorber can ease shocks and reduce noises; besides, the cab has a reasonable arrangement of switches & handles and a compact layout of front passenger’s seat, storage box and a/c return air window layers; what’s more, super large front window glass offers a wide field of view; in addition, the cab creates an open and wide operating space for the operator.

Performance parameters

Operating weight: 673000kg
Engine power: 2×1193kW/1800rpm
Bucket capacity: 30m³-36m³
Max. bucket rod digging force: 1535kN
Max. bucket digging force: 1640kN
Walking speed: 0-1.5km/h
Slewing speed: 0-3.5r/min
Max. digging radius: 21190mm
Max. dumping height: 10500mm