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  1. The excavator is an assembly of high-end technologies whose key components are globally advanced. The entire vehicle is characterized with high reliability, high efficiency, high intelligence and convenience of maintenance.
  2. Excellent performance of electrically controlled positive flow system that perfectly matches XCMG independently developed control system ensures smooth and steady combined movements, increases operating efficiency and reduces oil consumption.
  3. Low operating cost of full life span: the oil circulation system and exhaust gas injection technology integrated in the engine have greatly extended maintenance interval and reduced use cost; meanwhile, the quantity of main pumps is the least in this industry which leads to low replacement cost of assemblies.
  4. Intelligent monitoring system and fault self-analysis system, ground level oil injection, centralized lubrication system and diversified safety devices altogether guarantee safe and efficient overall vehicle operation, convenient maintenance and high adaptability to demanding mining conditions.
  5. Modular design of the vehicle makes it easy and convenient for site transfer.

Performance parameters

Operating weight: 384000kg
Engine power: 1491kW/1800rpm
Bucket capacity: 15-23m³
Bucket rod digging force: 961kN
Bucket digging force: 1057kN
Walking speed: 1.6/2.3km/h
Slewing speed: 3.1r/min
Max. digging radius: 18050mm
Max. dumping height: 11740mm