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XCMG Mining Trucks.

Solid and Durable with a Touch of Luxury. High quality, high efficiency.

XCMG mining trucks are designed for the global, high-end mining market and companies that want to contribute to the intelligent, safe and green development of the mining industry.

Our customised construction solutions are designed for high transport efficiency and low maintenance costs without sacrificing operator comfort or safety. XCMG’s mining trucks provide a long service life, complete with advanced pre- and post-sale customer service.

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XDR100 Mining Truck

  • Loading Capacity(Kg) 91,000
  • Min. Turn Radius(m) 24
  • Engine Rated Power(kW) 783
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XDE440 Mining Truck

  • Loading Capacity(Kg) 363000
  • Min. Turn Radius(m) 34
  • Engine Rated Power(kW) 2800
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XDE320 Mining Truck

  • Loading Capacity(Kg) 300,000
  • Min. Turn Radius(m) 29.2
  • Engine Rated Power(kW) 2013
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XDE240 Mining Truck

  • Loading Capacity(Kg) 230000
  • Min. Turn Radius(m) 28.4
  • Engine Rated Power(kW) 1865
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XDE130 Mining Truck

  • Loading Capacity(Kg) 120,000
  • Min. Turn Radius(m) 23
  • Engine Rated Power(kW) 970

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