Innovation for Green XCMG

October 24, 2022

XCMG is leading the way in the sustainable development of construction machinery

As the world looks for a greener, cleaner construction industry, XCMG is delivering solutions that reduce carbon emissions across the whole industry chain and total life cycle. XCMG has a strategic goal to be a…
XCMG Australian Market

September 23, 2022

China’s largest manufacturer of mining equipment is looking to disrupt the Australian market.

The Australian sales division of XCMG is investing in local infrastructure to become a household name. In 2021, XCMG Mining Equipment Australia Pty Ltd, signaled their intent to challenge the current duopoly by opening their…
History of XCMG

August 27, 2022

The history of XCMG

The Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, better known as XCMG, has been Chinese largest manufacturer of construction equipment for over 30 years and is now ranked number three in the world. As XCMG Mining Equipment in…