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XCMG Hydraulics.

Exploring engineering technology.

Since its establishment in 1975, XCMG hydraulics has been creating high.end hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps and accessories. Mastering the technology to advance overall performance. XCMG hydraulics produce spare parts for construction and mining machinery including excavators, off-highway mining dump trucks, loaders, bulldozers, and graders.

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Hydraulic Cylinders

XCMG Hydraulics has conquered more than 10 key technologies such as high pressure resistance and impact resistance technology, support structure for high-speed motion, anti-loosening structure for small torque piston to adapt to its operating conditions and has mastered the core technology of hydraulic cylinders for mining equipment of super large tonnage. The overall performance of hydraulic cylinders for mining equipment has reached international advanced level.

Features :

  • Dynamic simulation and real-time detection of oil cylinder buffer process through simulation technology and load sensing technology
  • The sealing system is optimised with high pressure, large impact and fast speed, to meet the harsh working conditions of continuous high-temperature operation
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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pump is a hydraulic component that provides pressurised liquid for hydraulic transmission, and is a type of pump. The function of the hydraulic pump is to convert the mechanical energy of the power machine into the pressure energy of the liquid.

Hydraulic pumps are mainly used in the machinery manufacturing industry, and are also used in various types of vehicles.

Features include :


  • The volume of the hydraulic pump is small and the structure is relatively simple.
  • The hydraulic pump does not have strict requirements on the cleanliness of the oil, and the price is relatively cheap; but the pump shaft is subject to unbalanced force, which causes serious wear and large leakage.
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Hydraulic Valves

XCMG Hydraulics has conquered many key technologies such as high pressure, large flow, impact resistance, zero leakage and high reliability, etc., to adapt to its operating conditions and has mastered the core technology of super large tonnage mining hydraulic multi-channel valves, and the overall performance has reached international advanced level.

Product features include:

  • Sealing system is optimised for working conditions to meet the harsh working conditions of continuous operation.
  • Electric control positive flow technology realises accurate flow distribution of different actions and good coordination of compound actions.


XCMG is fully-equipped to provide integrated hydraulics system solutions

Outstanding Performance under a Range of Conditions

XCMG Hydraulics's extensive product line now provides whole solution sets to a wide range of heavy machinery that have proven to be flexible and reliable. The oil cylinder for large-tonnage cranes is also a dominant product from XCMG Hydraulics. Its self-developed, four-cylinder synchronous linkage locking technology is the record-holder for Asia's largest-tonnage component.

XE4000 & XDE240 Mining Truck
XCMG XCA60 All Terrain Crane

Australian Head Office

31 - 33 Westpool Drive, Hallam VIC 3803

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