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XCMG Australian Market

September 23, 2022

China’s largest manufacturer of mining equipment is looking to disrupt the Australian market.

The Australian sales division of XCMG is investing in local infrastructure to become a household name.

In 2021, XCMG Mining Equipment Australia Pty Ltd, signaled their intent to challenge the current duopoly by opening their headquarters and 2230m depot in Melbourne, as well as a spare parts centre in Karratha, Western Australia.

Specialising in the supply, distribution, and delivery of new and used mining equipment, XCMG Mining Equipment Australia are growing their dealer network to deliver a high level of pre- and after sales service. Currently, there are eight dealers nationwide, with fifteen sales and service outlets. The dealer network is supported by a growing team of eleven, including sales, service, and support engineers.

Becoming a household name outside of China.

Commencing operations in 1943 as Huaxing Iron Works, XCMG Group was established in 1989 and is headquartered in Xuzhou, China.

For over 30 years, they’ve been the No. 1 manufacturer of mining and construction equipment in China and are currently ranked third behind Cat and Komatsu. In 2021, they became the number one supplier of cranes, a position long held by Liebherr.

XCMG products are now exported to over 183 countries and regions worldwide with 300+ distributors. Globally XCMG has:

  • 6 international research centres
  • 40 overseas offices
  • 46 large spare centres
  • 14 manufacturing bases
  • 2000+ service outlets
  • 6000 technical engineers

With a shift in development strategy to sell successfully developed products rather than test in the market, the brand focus has shifted to product quality over quantity.

XCMG is formulating a new five-year development plan in which it attaches more importance to technical advancement, structural innovation, benefit and quality, instead of fast-rate growth in scale."
Wang Min | XCMG Chairman

XCMG Mining Equipment Australian operations

In 2019, a delegation from Rio Tinto visited XCMG in China to discuss security of large mining equipment, supply chain management and developments in the global mining equipment market. For the next two years, the elite project team took charge of research and development, manufacturing, and quality control to be able to deliver 6 customised GR2605 graders to the mining giant’s Pilbara operations.

  • Now, under the guidance of General Manager, Roy Rossini, XCMG Mining Equipment Australia is establishing an experienced dealer network with a strong base to support customers. And interest in the brand is growing, with the range including:
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Mining Trucks
  • Motor Graders
  • Rollers
  • Cranes
  • Hydraulics

When committing to expand their operations into Australia, it was estimated that the 2021 fleet delivery would be 730 units of machinery. First quarter delivery for 2021 was 905 units across construction and mining machinery.

One of the key reasons is XCMG’s process of continuous improvement and quick turn around on implementation. As Roy explains:

“We have a direct line of communication into the manufacturing of equipment for the Australian market. Which means, we build and change to customer demand. If our clientele wants something included or changed, it’s not a two-year approvals process. We can turn it around for the next production run.”

Along with design changes, the other deciding factor has been the ease of securing replacement parts. The equipment is designed so parts are as common as possible. XCMG has a worldwide network of spare part centres. Therefore, their guarantee is to have parts on site within 72 hours and it’s proving a winner with new and existing customers.

While XCMG might not be a household name just yet, they’re certainly making all the right moves to challenge common misconceptions, secure high profile clients and develop long-term relationships for the future.

History of XCMG

August 27, 2022

The history of XCMG

The Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, better known as XCMG, has been Chinese largest manufacturer of construction equipment for over 30 years and is now ranked number three in the world.

As XCMG Mining Equipment in Australia continues to grow, it seemed a good opportunity to show how we’ve evolved from a small ironworks into one of the world’s top 500 brands.

The hard days: 1943 - 1988


In Shandong province, Huaxing Iron Works is the predecessor of XCMG.


Jinan Meifieng Pound Factory was established and would later become Xuzhou Construction Machinery Manufacturing Factory.


Xuzhou Shunhe Auto Repair Shop began and would become Xuzhou Loader Factory.


With the successful production of the first tower crane in China, the Huaxing Iron Works begin their transition into the construction machinery industry.


China’s first 10-tonne steam roller is developed.


China’s first 5-tonne truck crane is developed.


China’s first 16-tonne QY full hydraulic track crane is developed.


The first CA25 full hydraulic, single-cylinder vibratory wheel roller is developed.

Reform and exploration: 1989 - 1998

During this time, XCMG led the way in the construction machinery marketing, with a reformed business model. It was a time of strategic joint ventures and economic growth.  


In March, XCMG Group was formally established. The Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory, Xuzhou Loader Factory, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Manufacturing Factory and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute became the first group company in the Chinese construction industry.

Also, China’s first high-grade pitch paver was developed.


XCMG Group becomes the first company in the Chinese construction industry to export independently. It is also the first (and only) Chinese machinery exhibitor at the Bauma Exhibition in Germany.


Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was established.


XCMG and Caterpillar formed a joint venture: Caterpillar (Xuzhuo) Co., Ltd.


XCMG and Liebherr Group formed a joint venture: Xuzhou Liebherr Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd.

Asia’s largest all-terrain crane (160T) was developed.


XCMG listed on Shenzen Stock Exchange.

Innovative Progress: 1999 – 2008

With strong group leadership, a new chapter begins. The vision is for XCMG to become a world class enterprise. This is a period of consolidation, followed by growth.

1999 – 2000

XCMG continue to reform the business, reducing spending and aligning employment, HR and wages. Other reform measures included debt-to-equity swaps, core business centring and structural optimisation.

The iconic ZL50G was developed – China’s third-generation loader.


With independent intellectual property rights, the QAY25 all-terrain crane was developed.


XCMG becomes the first in China’s construction machinery industry to have more than 10 billion yuan in both operating and sales revenues..


The Carlyle Group acquires a stake in the Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co to help expand the brand internationally. XCMG retain a stake in the business.


In a strategic move for growth in China and internationally, the construction of Chongqing Construction Machinery began.

Transformation and upgrading: 2009 – to now

From the golden decade to the new ear of high-quality development, XCMG look to expand their brand and become a global leader.


XCMG and The Carlyle Group part ways and XCMG begins an independent restructure to realise their overall vision.


The “Hanfeng Plan’ management model is launched with the group having 5 business units.

A local construction equipment manufacturing JV is agreed with the Venezuelan government.

Mergers with AMCA (Netherlands) and Fluitronics (German).

Ranked 5th in the global construction industry.

The ET110 walking excavator wins second prize at the National Science and Technology Progress Award.


XCMG’s four major industrial bases put into full production.

The Jiangsu Xuzhuo Construction Machinery Research Institute was complete.

Construction of a new research and development facility begins in Krefeld Germany.

Acquisitions of leading concrete machinery manufacturer Schwing.

XCA5000, the world’s largest all terrain crane debuts.

The XGC88000 sets a new record for heaviest crawler crane lift with 4500 tonnes in overload tests.

XCMG ranks first in global mobile crane industry.

The world’s largest DE400 mining dumper successfully rolls off the assembly line.


The European Research Centre in Dusseldorf, German was complete and the European Purchasing Centre established.

The world’s first 4,000 tonne crawler crane operated for the first time.


XCMG’s first overseas, wholly-owned subsidiary was complete and put into production in Brazil.

XCMG American Research Centre was established.


XCMG’s new manufacturing base was put into production. The first “Hanvan” heavy truck was rolled off the production line.

Receive the China Corporate Social Responsibility Achievement Award. Receive the Green China Environmental Achievement Award.


XCMG build the first industrial cloud platform and begins sharing with other industrials in China.

Release “Leading Technology and Everlasting Products” at Shanghai Bauma.


President Xi Jinping visits on December 12.


A 700-tonne hydraulic excavator rolls off the production line.


XCA1600 all-terrain crane successfully completes an offshore wind power installation at a height of 140 meters, the world’s highest.


Ranks 4th among the top 50 construction machinery companies in the world.


Sign a partnership with Vale for zero-emission and autonomous equipment.

For nearly 80 years, XCMG have been leading the way in the design, manufacture and distribution of construction and mining equipment.

Let’s see what the next 80 years brings.

 You can read more about our <Mining Equipment> division as well as our development plans for a <greener machinery> and <mine autonomy>.