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Our Commitment

For over 40 years XCMG has been reforming the industry and surpassing expectations. We’ve created excellence through our high levels of professionalism, across every aspect of our organisation. We’re looking to change the future with our innovation, customising system solutions to provide the best value for our customers.

XCMG won the industry’s only, and the Chinese industrial sector’s, top awards: the Grand Award for Industrial Enterprises of China and the National May 1st Labor Certificate.

Additionally, the company won the Achievement Award for National Accredited Technical Centre, National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, and the 14th National Quality

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Manufacturing Strength

With over 70 years in lean production and management methods, we know how to manufacture products that win market share. We understand the importance of intelligent manufacturing, incorporating advanced technologies with cloud architecture in the manufacturing process. The use of big data analysis informs predictive maintenance to maintain supply. And real-time monitoring meets the demand of sales, procurement, production, quality and equipment to optimise the production process.

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Leading Technology

With eight first-class research and development centres worldwide, XCMG invests in innovation to deliver technical advantages in reliability, quality, safety and operating efficiency. To deliver reliable quality, we invest in rigorous testing to improve design during development and production. The range of tests, including buffer, stress, synchronisation precision, pulse and coating adhesion are undertaken to ensure delivery conformity and key performance.

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Value Add

XCMG remanufactures equipment as a way to reduce waste within the industry. Using remanufacturing process technology based on traditional repair methods, old products are recycled to the same quality as new products, enabling overall repairs and performance upgrades.

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Customer Service

As an organisation, XCMG is customer focused and intent on adding value to the customer experience. To do this, we:

  • Establish high-quality service teams to provide technical consulting before sales


  • Can customise elements of equipment in the sale and spare parts supply


  • Provide equipment maintenance and technical guidance after sales.


XCMG business principles that drive quality

XCMG is one of the top three manufacturers of construction machinery in the world. XCMG is dedicated to providing excellent construction equipment solutions and services for the customers. Our focus is on integrating technological innovation and development as well as quality control.

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R & D

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Pre Sales Service

National headquarters in Melbourne & over 15 dealers across Australia.


After Sales Service

Committed to a 24-hour, year round after sales service, including rentals.

one-stop, integrated, highly efficient

Established a solid and stable global marketing network covering 183 countries and regions.


Largest Heavy Equipment World-wide

Manufacturing Construction & Mining Equipment company in the globally

  • Dedicated to its core value of “Taking Great Responsibilities, Acting With Great Morals, and Making Great Achievements”
  • Rigorous, Practical, Progressive, and Creative.


XCMG was founded in 1943

Complete set of solutions Global trusted engineering equipment solution service provider!

  • Offering Integrated technological innovation
  • Innovation for Green
  • Providing timely and reliable service and equipment of high stability.


World-wide Service Outlets

Providing our customers with timely and effective integrated services in sales, maintenance, and spare parts, and comprehensive technical support worldwide.

  • Committed to year-round 24-hour service even during holidays
  • Spare parts will be delivered within 72 hours.


World's 1st LNG Loader worldwide

Stocked specialist spare parts located across 5 continents for delivery within 72 hours

  • Helps reduce fuel costs by nearly 40%
  • Environmentally friendly: reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 0.88 tons per ton of diesel oil replaced by LNG


A leader in the Chinese construction machinery market.

Since its establishment in 1943, XCMG has taken the lead in the design, development and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for Chinese construction industry.

Along the way, we have been the explorers and pioneers of reform, shaping our core value of “Taking great responsibility, acting with great morals, and making great achievements’. We continue to move forward to our goal of becoming the number one provider of equipment that can create real value to development.

Today we enjoy the leading market share in nine types of machinery and three types of basic components. We’re all the biggest domestic exporter of five types of machinery and the world leader for sales volume of crane trucks and heavy-duty road rollers.


Hard days



Reform and exploration

Ongoing Since1943


Innovative progress

Since 1988


Transformation and upgrading

Since 2010